(New York, NY)Golfweek.com audiences will soon view interesting, informative and entertaining golf video content distributed by ParOne as produced by professional golf tours and media companies globally.

 A constant force in comprehensive coverage of the game, Golfweek’s partnership with ParOne means it will now feature tournament broadcasts and highlight reels, and video segments covering golf competitions, instruction, courses and resorts, travel, products and human-interest stories.

 ParOne burst on the golf media scene this year, assembling a massive global distribution network that includes many of the world’s most engaging golf apps and websites reaching more than 15 million unique monthly users.  In modernizing how original and sponsored non-live videos and live tournament broadcasts are posted, distributed, accessed and consumed, ParOne is expected to soon become the world’s largest connected golf media network.

“Golfweek is in the business of providing award-winning golf journalism to golfers of all passion levels,” says Pat Leahy, Publisher of Golfweek, a division of USA Sports Media Group.  “ParOne delivering amazing golf videos from talented content providers broadens Golfweek’s editorial coverage and adds substantial viewer interest in our site.”

 “Golfers effectively live in their golf apps and are obsessed with visiting their favorite golf websites,” says JR Charles, CEO of ParOne.  “We bring the first and only distribution network of its kind to content providers and content recipients, with a thesis of video engagement significantly outperforming static content.” 

About Golfweek

A property of USA Today Sports Media Group, Golfweek is recognized as the most authentic, authoritative and independent voice in golf. It features award-winning journalists comprehensively covering breaking news, Tour competition, lifestyle features and every other aspect of the golf arena.  In addition to legendary print editions, digital properties reach 65% of U.S. golfers, including nearly six million avid golfers, 21 million golf fans and 29 million golf enthusiasts.  Golf content is also syndicated across 260 publications in the USA Today network.  The Golfweek brand encompasses Golfweek magazine, Golfweek.com, Golfweek Events and Golfweek Custom Media.

More information:  www.golfweek.com, info@golfweek.com

About ParOne

Headquartered in New York City with offices in Knoxville, TN, ParOne, Inc. is a transformational digital media and technology company that uniquely distributes original and branded video content, engaging international golf audiences.  ParOne is comprised of leading software developers, media executives and global golf-sports industry experts.  Its efficient, self-serve portal automates the distribution process for content producers – including major media companies – to showcase their videos seen by active, transactional golfers on popular golf apps and websites they consume.  The company is targeting syndication of live streams of professional golf tournament broadcasts to users in the ParOne global network that is expected to eclipse 30 million golfers in 2022.  A first-mover among the sports, digital, media and technology investor community, ParOne plans to leverage its emerging technology and business model in other verticals within the greater sports ecosystem.

More information:  https://parone.com, info@parone.com, 901.734.1567.