As you know, we’re always working on enhancing ParOne to continue delivering a video solution that’s a cut above the rest.

Every week our team works hard to add features to ParOne that you’ve been asking for, so we can keep helping even more golf websites do more with video. 

Sometimes these might be small changes, other times they’re pretty big developments – all with the aim to help you manage video content even more effortlessly

And, June has been no different! Nearly all of golf shuts down for the whole month because of the major season.

Let’s take a look at some of the main features that have changed this month…

Video Uploading Becomes a Background Activity

The background video uploader allows you to continue using the app while your videos are uploading in the background. Just start an upload and continue editing other videos, managing your content, or reviewing reports. If you are subscribed to notifications, you’ll receive a notification once each video has completed processing. 


Upload Multiple Videos

Users can now upload multiple videos instead of having to upload videos one by one and waiting until it's completed. Begin uploading one video, and then start a second one, a third one, or a 50th one. This saves an enormous amount of time and makes uploading multiple videos an seamless experience. No more waiting for videos to finish uploading one by one before selecting the next video. 


Replace a Video

Have you ever uploaded a video only to realize there’s an issue with it after sharing or wanted to make a quick edit to an already uploaded video? With our new video replacement feature, you can quickly and easily replace an already uploaded video with a new upload. Just find the video you want to replace, select “Replace” and upload the new version. The old video will be removed and replaced instantly with your new upload, retaining all views, analytics and embeds. This ensures your content changes are reflected instantly across your site and any third-party websites your video may have been embedded on.


So, there you have it. Some of the features we’ve been working on this month! These capabilities will allow you to upload and manage your video content more efficiently.