(New York, NY) – ParOne has completed development of new technology that syndicates live stream golf tournament broadcasts globally and, for the first time ever, allows golfers to watch competitions within the golf apps and websites they regularly consume.

At the forefront of golf’s digital transformation and a first mover among the sports, digital, media and technology investor community, ParOne is targeting tours and media rights holders to live stream their golf tournament broadcasts to the company’s global distribution network of apps and websites totaling 15 million monthly active users.  This offering is massively groundbreaking in function and scale, and represents a new way for these content providers to realize substantially increased reach, viewership, engagement and revenue.  Unique to the market, tournament action, color commentary, interviews and highlights are automatically translated, via captions, into viewers’ native languages.

At its pioneering core, ParOne is modernizing how original and sponsored videos are posted, distributed, accessed and consumed on a global stage.  It continues to enlist many of the world’s most popular golf apps and websites to receive informative, instructional and entertaining golf video content through ParOne.  ParOne is expected to soon become the largest connected golf media network engaging more than 30 million active, transactional golfers monthly.

Upcoming ParOne interactive, on-screen features will further excite viewers who live stream golf broadcasts:

  • Gambling – Bet at sportsbooks on tour players in real time during their rounds
  • E-commerce – Buy apparel tour players wear and equipment they use right then and there

“It’s prudent for tournament broadcasters to expand ways to connect with a much broader audience with no tape delays,” says JR Charles, CEO of ParOne.  “Through ParOne, golfers and broadcasters are no longer bound by geographic and language boundaries – golf is global and deserves to be amplified everywhere.”

ParOne’s focus on video distribution aligns with nearly 90% greater engagement than static content.  Video content typically enjoys double brand retention and 20% to 30% more conversions.

About ParOne, Inc

Headquartered in New York City with offices in Knoxville, TN, ParOne, Inc. is a digital media and technology company that uniquely distributes original and branded video content, engaging international golf audiences.  ParOne is comprised of leading software developers, media executives and global golf-sports industry experts.  Its efficient, self-serve portal automates the distribution process for content producers – including major media companies – to showcase their videos seen by active, transactional golfers on popular golf apps and websites they consume.  The company is targeting syndication of live streams of professional golf tournament broadcasts to users in the ParOne global network that is expected to eclipse 30 million golfers by 2022.  A first-mover among the sports, digital, media and technology investor community, ParOne plans to leverage its emerging technology and business model in other verticals within the greater sports ecosystem.