(New York, NY) – ParOne, a trailblazer in golf technology, proudly announces its selection to the prestigious NVIDIA Inception Program. This program, renowned for nurturing revolutionary companies, will empower ParOne to drive significant advancements in AI and data sciences within the golf industry.

Unmatched Program Benefits

Participation in the NVIDIA Inception Program grants ParOne access to NVIDIA’s cutting-edge resources in artificial intelligence, deep learning, and data science. This strategic collaboration connects ParOne with a global network of leading experts and thought leaders, positioning the company alongside NVIDIA, the undisputed leader in AI task processing and one of the hottest technology innovators.

Revolutionizing Golf with AI Video Advisor (AVA)

Central to this program is ParOne’s groundbreaking patent-pending technology, AI Video Advisor (AVA). AVA harnesses the power of AI to synthesize golfers’ on-course and simulator swing data, creating dynamic, custom video-based training plans that precisely address individual swing flaws. Seamlessly integrating with golf simulators, launch monitors, shot tracking apps, rangefinders, and other data-driven golf instruction tools, AVA offers golfers and instructors an unparalleled end-to-end training experience using advanced AI and machine learning.

This statistical rigor enables real-time, personalized video recommendations that enhance golfers' swings with unmatched accuracy, providing measurable performance improvements.

“AI in golf is transforming the way we approach the game, and ParOne is at the forefront of this revolution,” said JR Charles, CEO of ParOne. “Being selected for the NVIDIA Inception Program validates our commitment to innovation and equips us with the resources to scale our technology. With NVIDIA’s support, we can analyze a vast array of swing data points, delivering precise, actionable insights that empower golfers to achieve their best performance.”

About ParOne

Since its inception in early 2021, ParOne has rapidly become a leader in golf technology, specializing in video management, distribution, data, and analytics. ParOne partners with premier golf media brands and organizations to monetize their video strategies through innovative technologies, including:

  • AI Video Advisor (AVA): Delivers instantaneous, AI-driven swing analysis and improvement plans.
  • ParOne Enterprise Video Player: Enhances video delivery, viewer engagement, and revenue for golf websites and tours.
  • TPUT: An analytics platform offering over 100 metrics for in-depth video performance insights.
  • Video Commerce: Integrates purchase links within videos, enabling seamless shopping experiences.
  • MediaHUB: Streamlines media access and workflow for video distribution

ParOne collaborates with industry giants such as Golf.com, GOLFTEC, SwingU, and professional golf tours, playing a pivotal role in advancing video strategies for data-driven companies and media entities worldwide.

For more information, visit www.parone.com or contact info@parone.com.