(New York, NY) – ParOne – the popular syndicator of golf videos to golf apps and websites globally – has expanded its presence in Asia with the addition of the Deemples golf app.

The dominant matchmaker for golfers to find playing partners and book tee times mainly in Malaysia and surrounding countries, thanks to ParOne, Deemples users now view interesting, informative and entertaining golf videos inside the app and website.

ParOne burst on the golf media scene last year, assembling a massive global distribution network that includes many of the world’s most engaging golf apps and websites reaching more than 15 million unique monthly users.  In modernizing how original and sponsored, non-live videos and live tournament broadcasts are posted, distributed, accessed and consumed, ParOne is expected to soon become the world’s largest connected golf media network.

The automated ParOne model is simple:

  • Content producers upload their golf videos to the ParOne engine for distribution to golf apps and websites globally.
  • Content recipients select which golf videos in the ParOne engine they want to editorially feature in their golf apps and on their websites.

Each type of participant generates greater awareness, engagement, SEO and revenue for brands.

Video topics include tournament broadcasts and highlight reels, and video segments covering golf competitions, instruction, courses and resorts, travel, products and human-interest stories.  ParOne automatically translates content in more than 10 native languages.

“Video engagement outperforms static content by close to 95%,” says JR Charles, CEO of ParOne.  “Coupled with 15 million active monthly golfers in our network, brands are partnering with ParOne in droves to substantially increase reach of their content.”

“App managers need to keep their downloaders consistently involved and prevent deletion of apps,” says David Wong, Founder and CEO of Deemples, whose “Never Golf Alone” campaign resonates mightily among golf communities.  “Serving Deemples users with golf videos inside our app keeps them engaged beyond their desires to find playing partners and reserve tee times.”

ParOne’s offering aligns with golf’s participation surge and consumption trends.  The number of golfers rose by 600,000 golfers to 37.5 million in 2021 with growth evenly split evenly between on- and off-course.  On the business front, 23% of sports media budgets are shifting from traditional content delivery mechanisms to streaming and syndication.

About ParOne

Headquartered in New York City with offices in Knoxville, TN, ParOne, Inc. is a transformational digital media and technology company that uniquely distributes original and branded video content, engaging international golf audiences.  ParOne is comprised of leading software developers, media executives and global golf-sports industry experts.  Its efficient, self-serve portal automates the distribution process for content producers – including major media companies – to showcase their videos seen by active, transactional golfers on popular golf apps and websites they consume.  The company is targeting syndication of live streams of professional golf tournament broadcasts to users in the ParOne global network that is expected to eclipse 30 million golfers in 2022.  A first-mover among the sports, digital, media and technology investor community, ParOne plans to leverage its emerging technology and business model in other verticals within the greater sports ecosystem.

More information: www.parone.com, info@parone.com.

About Deemples

Deemples is an app that connects golfers for tee times, solving the age-old dilemma of not having playing partners at fingertips.  Golfers post times and courses they want to play and others join if available.  They view profiles of and chat with players, and submit scores while maintaining their handicaps on Deemples.  Golf courses benefit from securing rounds they wouldn’t have booked otherwise and converting golfers into more frequent patrons.  Deemples facilitated golfers playing more than 90,000 rounds by processing more than 30,000 transactions in Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Philippines, Indonesia and Australia.  The company is expanding into the United States with its upcoming launch in Southern California.

More information:  www.deemples.com, hello@deemples.com.