(New York, NY) – Golf technology company ParOne has launched its proprietary “AI Video Advisor” (AVA) product that synthesizes golfers’ video-captured swing data and provides instantaneous content to fix their flaws.


AVA is designed to easily integrate with golf simulators, launch monitors, shot tracking apps, rangefinders and other data-driven, video golf instruction and entertainment providers.  With AVA, they can now offer to golfers and lesson-takers customizable, dynamic, end-to-end video training experiences in their apps using AI and machine learning.


To bridge the diagnosis-solution gap, ParOne analyzed more than 1.5 billion metrics of swing and video data to create the patent-pending AVA.  Statistical reasoning generates recommendations of videos suited to improve individual golfers’ unique swings with before-and-after performance measurements sans margin of error.


“No longer are golfers on their own or reliant on YouTube videos to figure out how to address identified swing problems,” says JR Charles, CEO of ParOne.  “Companies with instruction offerings are lining up to use our advanced data processing, so they can produce accurate remedies on golfers’ paths to major golf improvement.”


Golf instructors who sneak previewed AVA are also smitten by its capabilities to augment their human interactions with students toward greater loyalties.


AVA represents ParOne’s sixth video technology breakthrough since its inception three years ago.  Working closely with Golf.com, GOLFTEC, SwingU and other data-driven companies, including professional golf tours and media businesses globally, ParOne is central to monetizing their video strategies.


About ParOne

Since bursting on the scene in early 2021, ParOne exclusively serves the golf industry with leading-edge technology focused on video management, distribution, data and analytics.  It partners with golf media, brands and other companies to help monetize their video strategies.  ParOne developed the ParOne Enterprise Video Player that optimizes video delivery, viewer experiences and revenue generation for golf website publishers and Tours; TPUT that provides website publishers an analytics platform delivering more than 100 metrics for deeper understanding of video effectiveness; Video Commerce that embeds links within videos for viewers to purchase products while watching the golf action; Video Syndication that serves golf publishers, Tours and brands by distributing golf videos and streaming live tournament broadcasts to top golf apps and websites globally; MediaHUB that facilitates media access and workflow of video content surrounding golf events; and AI Video Advisor that synthesizes golfers’ video-captured swing data and provides instantaneous content to fix their flaws.


More information: www.parone.com

To schedule an appointment at the PGA Show:  info@parone.com.