(New York, NY) – Golf video technology, data analytics and syndication powerhouse ParOne has released its new commerce-ready feature allowing interactivity inside videos.

Several golf publishers are already integrating ParOne’s on-screen shoppable technology on their websites to sell golf products, event tickets, lessons, trips and other offerings during videos views. This element deepens relationships with publishers’ client bases for expanded sponsorships.

Viewers click on an unobtrusive, horizontal bar on the bottom left of the screen to learn about and purchase golf offerings, and sponsored products and promotions.

“ParOne’s solution is a new way for publishers and their brand partners to experience greater monetization” says JR Charles, CEO of ParOne.  “This is a form of native and affiliate marketing at its best.”

The commerce-ready feature resides within the advanced ParOne Enterprise Video Player that powers websites’ fast load times, rich data and analytics, captions, consistent metadata and other engagement and monetization elements.  ParOne's video technology captures more than 120 data dimensions which are tracked and summarized.  Integration and administration of the ParOne video player is easy on golf publishers’ internal resources as they switch from antiquated video platforms. 

Launched in early 2021, ParOne also syndicates golf videos to top golf apps and websites globally, and streams live broadcasts of professional tournaments with language translations.

About ParOne

Headquartered in New York City with offices in Knoxville, TN, ParOne is a transformational digital media, technology, data and analytics company serving the golf industry.  It developed an advanced video player benefiting golf website publishers seeking better load times, rich data and analytics, video commerce functions and mitigation of resources allocation.  The company also syndicates golf videos and live streams professional tournament broadcasts to top golf websites globally.  A first mover among the sports, digital, media and technology investor community, ParOne plans to leverage its emerging technology and business model in other verticals within the greater sports ecosystem.

More information:  www.parone.com, info@parone.com